Version 1.07 (1/30/14)

  1. Fixed problem with Import - "Cannot rename file.."


Version 1.06 (1/14/14)

  1. Now for Sony Readers added additional option in Collections screen to allow using of FB2-type files - for Russian Version of the Reader only


Version 1.05 (1/10/14)

  1. Fixed problem with unzipping files with russian names in zip

Version 1.04 (1/9/14)

  1. Fixed problem with saving of "Books Formats" on Preferences/Other
  2. Now conversion works even for zipped files with no second extension - like "" (vs "")
  3. Wording on Copy Sceen has been slightly changed to clarify conversion functions
  4. Added menu command "Library/Copy Book From Local Drive" to allow copy books that are not in the library to be copied to reader. Previously only Drag&Drop allowed this possibility


Version 1.03 (09/12/13)

  1. Added new shortcut F12  - context Author Menu - Only Favorites
  2. Added new shortcut Ctr+F12  - context Author Menu - Only Rus
  3. Added new shortcut Shift+F12  - context Author Menu - Only Eng
  4. Added new shortcut F11 - context Author Menu - Show All Authors
  5. Added new shortcut F10 - context Books Menu - Show series/date
  6. Favorites.xml now saves Title and Author to prevent loosing book if database was changed
  7. Right panel shows long file names better now
  8. Added Import/Export Favorites command to Favorites Context Menu
  9. Fixed problem with resizing main window on start

Version 1.02 (11/5/12)


  1. Columns "Series" and "Number in Series" are combined now to simplify sorting
  2. Status bar on the "Favorites" tab shows the number of Books in Favorites and (if searching) the number of found books
  3. Searching in Favorites shows only books that satisfy criteria (filtering).
  4. Help has been updated and extended.
  5. Added option "Split by Series" while coping author
  6. Added menu command "Help/Check New Version"
  7. Fixed problem with Russian localization broken in 1.01 (only 32 bit Setup)



Version 1.01 (5/31/12)

1. Fixed problem with resizing when Desktop scaling was changed (Windows 7)

2. Added option "Do not show Import Wizard on start".

3. Now you can drag and drop folders from windows explorer and program creates folders with its contents on the reader respectively.

4. Rescan Collections for Sony Reader removes empty collection if this option is selected.

5. Current Collections can be show in Rescan Collection window.


Version 1.0

First public version